Welcome to…

Crickets and Other Critters Research Exploration (COCRE)~ This is my first steps into research and also doubles up as my first blog, so please bear with me. My first blog, due to the late set up on my part will consist of the first three-week of the initiative, weekly post of the break down of my week will follow till the end of the ten weeks.

How I got here:

Ever since I started college and found my interest in science, I had my sights set on becoming a researcher. Last spring quarter I received an email about an opportunity to get a feel of the research world. One thing turned into another, with my interest peaked, I applied into a field where I was most excited about. Obviously, I was accepted…and now my journey here began.


The updates will be as fast as possible. However, due to information accuracy, the blogs in relation to the research will be proof read and thus will take time. I am planning on full blog updates on my weeks (minus the first three weeks) and maybe random day updates on my thoughts on the day without covering the research parts. Stay tuned and enjoy!

As of  7/13 the first blog on my first three weeks has been previewed by Dr. Murphy and posted.  Please go to blog log to see the post.

About me - Gui Zheng

Hello, I am currently a college student who is majoring in chemistry. This summer I was given the opportunity to do research in biology at the University of Denver! I am super excited and every day I work in the labs I get more pumped about research.

Start date:

June 18, 2018